Practise of naturism.


In principle, it is allowed to swim naked on the whole 7.000km stretch of coast in Denmark.

Though, there are few beeches where nude swimming is not allowed, it is in general always acceptable behaviour to swim naked.

It is always a good rule of thumb not to provoke others who do not wish to swim naked.

Therefore areas where nude swimming is usually done, mostly have a distance to textile swimming people.

Naturism is practised at the Danish campsites accordingly to weather and conditions, which means in cold weather it is normal to wear clothes.

When parties are held, it is custom to wear clothes, if anyone would be in doubt.

Naturist camping sites in Denmark.

The Danish naturist sites are placed in scenic areas with plenty opportunities for walks and regional sight-seeing trips.

No naturist site is larger than it still feels safe and comfortable, whether you are an adult or child.

People care for each other and put the family in centre, which can be seen with the good sportsfacilities and playgrounds.

The clubs offer a vide range of activities. No site can offer all activities, but some offers are for example:

volleyball, petanque, fishing and sailing trips, amusing walks and sight-seeing trips, shared coffee table, grill-nights, parties and birthdays etc.

Nude bathing beaches.

From the middle 1970’s, it has in principle been allowed to swim and sunbathe naked on the Danish beaches.

Though, outside the designated nude bathing beaches it is necessary to be considerate to other bathing people.


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